• The NJNP Collective

  • Understanding the massive barriers that Black and Brown Trans Folx face in D.C. — to access employment, housing, and other basic needs and services — Centering those most on the margins also requires us to support each other, to keep one another safe, fed, and housed, while fighting for a world that affirms us.

About The Collective


The NJNP Collective has been a vital resource to DC’s Trans and Activist Community and currently has nine long term trans tenants staying at the collective and through out our broader network, many of whom lack access to stable employment and need our help in order to remain in the district near vital resources and work. No Justice No Pride (NJNP) additionally provides temporary housing, and sometimes in rapid response situations; for 5 to 20 young trans and queer people lacking stable housing a night at the collective or throughout our local network.

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Ways To Support

Monthly Sustainers

Each month our housing costs (Utilities plus rent) reach more than $5,000. We’ve received a lot of support, but its crucial to sustain that support to keep this going!

*We are requesting all monthly contributions to housing costs be made thru patreon.*

Become a Patron!


Can you help us raise funds for a new house!? The women of the NJNP Collective have contributed so much to our local movements, many of whom lack access to stable employment and need our help in order to remain in DC near vital resources and work.

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Organizing Stipends & travel funds

Organizing Stipends
to trans sex workers as an alternative to survival sex work.
Travel Funds
to meetings and appointments for Black & Brown Trans Women.
Meals, Administration and Misc. needs.
Razers, toiletries, cleaning supplies,ETC;, microgrants to individuals in need

Via nojusticenopride.org

Mutual Aid

Meal Relief

Sign up on our Meal Train

we’re inviting you to support the work, organizing and lives of some of our community members by preparing a delicious meal: preferably home cooked meat, veggies, starch and well seasoned!

thank you for your love & support.

Meal Train for njnp family

we’re inviting you to support the work, organizing and lives of some of our community members by preparing a delicious meal: preferably home cooked meat, veggies, starch and well seasoned! thank you for your love & support.

Take Action for
Trans Justice

Local Community Leaders and No Justice No Pride (NJNP) are deeply concerned about the ongoing marginalization of transgender and Gender Non-Conforming individuals, particularly transgender women of color, in the District of Columbia. We need DC to take real, concrete steps to support and protect these communities including from mistreatment by members of the Metropolitan Police Department, administrative and front line city staff, and the courts.


In-Kind Support

Used/Broken Electronics:
  1. Cell phones
  2. tablets
  3. laptops
  4. printers
Cleaning Supplies:
  1. Paper Towels and tissue
  2. Incense and candles (both for healing and for smelling)
  3. Flush-able ‘Wet’ Wipes or baby wipes.

In-Kind donations can be received at: 169 Uhland Terrace NE, Washington, DC 20002 – Between the hours of 10AM – 8pm, 7 days a week.

You may email us at contact@nojusticenopride.org or message us on facebook if you have any questions about what needs we may have.

Types of things we have an on going need for:

  1. Wash clothes and towels.
  2. Triple or quad blade razors, Shaving Cream, Nair.
  3. Shampoo and Conditioners (preference for Black hair types).
  4. Socks and bras (PLEASE NO WORN PANTIES)
  5. Sulfate-free & Hypoallergenic soaps and body washes
Office Supplies:
  1. Notebooks, pens, markers, dry erase markers
  2. Printing paper
  3. Butcher/Chart Paper, Dry erase boards, etc
  1. Meats – pork, chicken, Beef, Steak, burger patties
  2. Veggies – salad mixings, bell pepers, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, Jalapeños, cucumbers, corn, beans, tomatoes, carrots
  3. Frozen items – French Fries, pizzas, burritos
  4. Spices and Condiments – Honey Mustard, Ketchup, dion mustard, paprika, old bay, cumin, curry, chili pepper, salt, pepper, seasoning salt
  5. Potatoe bread, Ritz Crackers, Grahm Crackers, etc

Temporary Housing

At the NJNP House Collective or with NJNP allies who have space — for those who are housing unstable. Housing was already a critical issue for D.C.’s TGNC communities before the loss of Backpage and other similar digital services, but these recent losses have only worsened housing-access by severely and negatively impacting TGNC income; in the process making it impossible for many to afford rent, and – for those who were in the process of getting housing – to lose their security deposits.

Employment Help

Helping people find jobs, assist with cover letter and resume writing, and practice interviewing.

Access Help

Help get people IDs, correct name and gender on legal documents, and open bank accounts.

Legal Support and responding to State Terror

Supporting and advocating for our friends & community members at hearings in court; helping people navigate the court system; raising money for jail and legal defense support; connecting with attorneys, signal boosting and engaging in Public Awareness Campaigns; and, working with community partners, organizations, and volunteer lawyers to support TGNC community members in need.

Organing Skill Building and Storytelling

Last year, No Justice No Pride (NJNP) worked with SWAC to organize community members to provide testimony preventing a toxic “Nuisance” Bill in DC’s City Council — that would have further criminalized trans sex workers and people who are perceived as sex workers — from ever reaching a vote. We saw a need to bust myths, and build community-based support for SWAC’s goals. Shortly after, we launched the first phase of a Community Storytelling Project with 20 stories collected through surveys and small storytelling events led by directly-impacted trans community members around experiences related to Fare Evasion, Street & Public Harassment, Sex Work, Wellness, Housing, and Community Safety.

To help facilitate this, NJNP started a pilot program last spring (The Organizing Training Project) to develop the organizing, storytelling and leadership skills of Trans folks of color disproportionately impacted by violence resulting from the criminalization of sex work while providing stipends as an safer form of employment to street based work. NJNP has since completed two rounds of Organizer-In-Trainings (OIT) with eight participants having completed the program. Four of these participants were organizers for the first phase of the Storytelling Project and since joined NJNP’s Steering Committee where they make strategic and administrative decisions for the collective. Now a year after starting this project we would like to do a second phase of the project to continue to build on the momentum and past successes towards our end goal of decriminalizing sex work in D.C.

NJNP Community Storytelling Project

Phase 1 Summary

Over the summer, NJNP organizers completed the first phase of our Storytelling project getting over 20 stories from Trans community members about their experiences with these different issues. We are excited to announce our first phase summer of our Storytelling Project is now available to read and download.